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Back at Work - Wheeee...

Short post-holiday recap to follow;

Gave blood Thursday (Thanksgiving) morning before heading over to the grandparent's. Had been wondering when they'd call me again. First half of the year they'd been having a bit of a crisis and I was there every eight weeks. My previous eligibility date was 9/11, and they had plenty of donors that evening, obviously. As I expected, not many of those donors decided to keep at it. Heck, if there aren't national emergencies, nobody needs blood, right?

Dinner at grandparent's was enjoyable. Grandma wasn't up for cooking, so it was take-out turkey dinners from Carrow's. Better than the frozen dinner I'd have had otherwise.

Parents made no attempt to call or otherwise contact me. *shrug* Maybe they'll come to their senses by Christmas.

Friday... I slept. And little else.

The weekend was much like any other when the work schedule is normal. Wake up, play around on the computer, eat/drink as necessary, sleep, dinner at grandparents' on Sunday.

So that leads up to Monday, at work, again. Yay. Oh well, it's a necessary evil to support my non-work activities. Besides, there's actually a few things to do today. I might work a whole hour or so today!
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