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Well now, two weekends in a row where the major activity was not being glued to my chair at the computers, and once again my body hating me for it, albeit not as severely as the Disneyland inspired foot blisters.

Woke up too late for work Thursday so I just called in sick. Went back to sleep for a while, woke up, piddled around on the comps for a bit, then headed out. Putting the painfulness of sunlight aside, had quite a productive day. Ordered some office furniture, shopped for a new TV, bought a PS2, and stopped by the bank to discuss a few things and plans for the future.

Friday night I had arranged for use of my grandfather's truck, and got free hired help in the form of said grandfather to boot. Picked up the desk, purchased the TV, and randomly dumped boxes in living room of apt.

Saturday I went and watched a movie with friends, had lunch, came back, and decided it wasn't light enough anymore to put everything together, so I just moved things off the existing desk / shelving unit.

Sunday I took apart my old desk, which was rather annoying in and of itself since many of the screws were quite inoperable. I had known the desk would never survive another move when I got it in the apartment 4 years ago, but didn't figure I would have to literally tear it apart. Apologized profusely to it for such a violent end after 7+ years of valiant service.

Took me about 4 hours after that to put my new desk(s) all together, but the results are quite worth it. Much room for all 3 computers and the new TV. Picked up a Sony 27" flat screen, if you're wondering. I'll have to get a picture of the new setup tomorrow.

Last night on the way home from work I stopped by Best Buy and decided to start off my DVD collection. Made the following selections (in alphabetical order), that provide an amusing cross-section of my psyche:

- Braveheart
- Dark Crystal
- Excalibur
- The Godfather (I - III boxed set)
- Labyrinth
- Seven
- Twilight Zone Collection Vol. 2

Watched one of the TZ episodes ('Time Enough at Last'), then Dark Crystal. Hadn't seen that movie in 15 or so years. Was quite an enjoyable experience, but I found it oddly painful near the end at the same time, as my mind wandered over the times of my life gone by.
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