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Crunch Time, without the Crunch.

So the project is due today at work. The one major thing my department (read: My Manager and myself) have been working on all year. Normally in such times in software development offices it would be pretty hectic.

Here? *shrug* The software is out in the lab, happily dealing with calculating the position of some 1.35 million (give or take a few thousand) points of interest in California, requiring no assistance.

All bugs are accounted for and deemed either due to database errors beyond our control, or acceptable errors given what's being attempted. (I.E. when bad data is going into the system and 80% of said bad data is corrected, while 2% is corrected incorrectly, it's just not that bad). There is nary a crash in sight, and cores are no longer dumped.

Hooray, or something. I should be home playing XG, or Luclin...

Then again, I can't horribly complain about getting paid approximately $30/hr to surf the Web and/or play Nethack/emulators.
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