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    Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
    2:20 pm
    GIS + LJ
    Been thinking about posting again for a while now, but coming up with something relevant/explanatory to start with proved difficult.  So we'll start with something inane instead (thanks to rando for the inspiration), [ GIS + LJ ]Collapse )

    Unlike rando's, mine ended up being entirely SFW.

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    Friday, April 26th, 2002
    9:06 am
    Soon with the *campers* at the old *playground*, but not yet! Extremely happy sisters have *parties* for much enjoyment.

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    Wednesday, February 27th, 2002
    10:13 am
    The new setup
    The New Desk

    Don't have a picture of the old setup, but this is leagues better.
    Tuesday, February 26th, 2002
    5:20 pm
    Well now, two weekends in a row where the major activity was not being glued to my chair at the computers, and once again my body hating me for it, albeit not as severely as the Disneyland inspired foot blisters.

    Woke up too late for work Thursday so I just called in sick. Went back to sleep for a while, woke up, piddled around on the comps for a bit, then headed out. Putting the painfulness of sunlight aside, had quite a productive day. Ordered some office furniture, shopped for a new TV, bought a PS2, and stopped by the bank to discuss a few things and plans for the future.

    Friday night I had arranged for use of my grandfather's truck, and got free hired help in the form of said grandfather to boot. Picked up the desk, purchased the TV, and randomly dumped boxes in living room of apt.

    Saturday I went and watched a movie with friends, had lunch, came back, and decided it wasn't light enough anymore to put everything together, so I just moved things off the existing desk / shelving unit.

    Sunday I took apart my old desk, which was rather annoying in and of itself since many of the screws were quite inoperable. I had known the desk would never survive another move when I got it in the apartment 4 years ago, but didn't figure I would have to literally tear it apart. Apologized profusely to it for such a violent end after 7+ years of valiant service.

    Took me about 4 hours after that to put my new desk(s) all together, but the results are quite worth it. Much room for all 3 computers and the new TV. Picked up a Sony 27" flat screen, if you're wondering. I'll have to get a picture of the new setup tomorrow.

    Last night on the way home from work I stopped by Best Buy and decided to start off my DVD collection. Made the following selections (in alphabetical order), that provide an amusing cross-section of my psyche:

    - Braveheart
    - Dark Crystal
    - Excalibur
    - The Godfather (I - III boxed set)
    - Labyrinth
    - Seven
    - Twilight Zone Collection Vol. 2

    Watched one of the TZ episodes ('Time Enough at Last'), then Dark Crystal. Hadn't seen that movie in 15 or so years. Was quite an enjoyable experience, but I found it oddly painful near the end at the same time, as my mind wandered over the times of my life gone by.

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    Tuesday, February 19th, 2002
    5:01 pm
    The Happiest Foot Blisters on Earth
    Sunday was quite amusing, although my feet would try to tell you otherwise. They're just mad at having been forced to do more walking in 8 hours than usually done in a month. Spent the day rampaging through Disneyland, both the 'Classic' formula and the California Adventures side. Went with Rando and Kaliboi, the latter of whom is legally blind, which qualifies him for a special pass. A pass which on most rides acts the same as an instant Fastpass for minimal waiting, as go straight to the front of the line, do not pass Go, do not collect $200 on others.

    Needless to say this resulted in a much higher rate of visited attractions. In 8 hours, if I'm not omitting anything, we did the following:
    Mali-boom (CA)
    California Screamin' (CA)
    Soaring over California (CA)
    Indiana Jones (Classic)
    Pirates of the Caribbean (Classic)
    Haunted House (Classic)
    Thunder Mountain (Classic)
    It's a Small World (Classic)
    Grizzly Bear Water Ride (CA)
    Excedrin Acquirement for Rando (CA)
    Grizzly Bear Water Ride (CA)
    California Screamin' (CA)
    Gift Shop (CA)
    Star Tours (Classic)
    Space Mountain (Classic)
    Matterhorn (Classic)

    That's quite a dose of Disneyland for 8 hours. The two water rides followed by the roller coaster deserve special mention, as they came at 7PM, in rather cool weather for SoCal, with a fair amount of wind, a splash of rain, and no appreciable amount of protective clothing.

    Unfortunately, that blatant attempt at getting sick didn't pay off, and I'm stuck at work again. Oh well, at least it's a) keeping me fairly busy, and b) does not involve walking so that my soles recover in a timely fashion.

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    Thursday, November 29th, 2001
    11:09 am
    Completely blew off yesterday. Woke up an hour late for work, said hell with it and called in sick, and proceeded to do absolutely nothing of importance. So much for being a responsible adult.

    Not that anyone ever actually grows up, we just like to pretend we have.

    Oh well, work assignments for the next week. Nothing big, as usual. Invitation to the company Christmas party, at the Westin in Long Beach this year. Might attend, although the only person to take would be my sister, as I have no 'others'.

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    Monday, November 26th, 2001
    10:49 am
    Back at Work - Wheeee...
    Short post-holiday recap to follow;

    Gave blood Thursday (Thanksgiving) morning before heading over to the grandparent's. Had been wondering when they'd call me again. First half of the year they'd been having a bit of a crisis and I was there every eight weeks. My previous eligibility date was 9/11, and they had plenty of donors that evening, obviously. As I expected, not many of those donors decided to keep at it. Heck, if there aren't national emergencies, nobody needs blood, right?

    Dinner at grandparent's was enjoyable. Grandma wasn't up for cooking, so it was take-out turkey dinners from Carrow's. Better than the frozen dinner I'd have had otherwise.

    Parents made no attempt to call or otherwise contact me. *shrug* Maybe they'll come to their senses by Christmas.

    Friday... I slept. And little else.

    The weekend was much like any other when the work schedule is normal. Wake up, play around on the computer, eat/drink as necessary, sleep, dinner at grandparents' on Sunday.

    So that leads up to Monday, at work, again. Yay. Oh well, it's a necessary evil to support my non-work activities. Besides, there's actually a few things to do today. I might work a whole hour or so today!

    Current Mood: indifferent
    Wednesday, November 21st, 2001
    5:41 pm
    Welp, project's done, and in it's final test run now. Can go home for Thanksgiving holiday as soon as it finishes.

    Shame that will be in 6 hours from now....

    Current Mood: annoyed
    10:42 am
    Crunch Time, without the Crunch.
    So the project is due today at work. The one major thing my department (read: My Manager and myself) have been working on all year. Normally in such times in software development offices it would be pretty hectic.

    Here? *shrug* The software is out in the lab, happily dealing with calculating the position of some 1.35 million (give or take a few thousand) points of interest in California, requiring no assistance.

    All bugs are accounted for and deemed either due to database errors beyond our control, or acceptable errors given what's being attempted. (I.E. when bad data is going into the system and 80% of said bad data is corrected, while 2% is corrected incorrectly, it's just not that bad). There is nary a crash in sight, and cores are no longer dumped.

    Hooray, or something. I should be home playing XG, or Luclin...

    Then again, I can't horribly complain about getting paid approximately $30/hr to surf the Web and/or play Nethack/emulators.

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    Tuesday, November 20th, 2001
    12:00 pm
    Wetting of Feet
    [Inaugural entry, without all the 'Who I am' garbage. Those reading this know.]

    I stumbled across something yesterday that made me remember Xenogears. Odd how the Internet can do that. Mulling over the Paypal page before starting this journal, I idly follow a few links and wind up staring at an image/artbook for Xenogears on some unknown import company's page, and remember.

    Can't say I was all that surprised I wound up at that destination, given the wake-up call delivered on 10/29/01 - The Day SNK Died. Guilt and Shame filled me for failing to properly support a company that so lovingly crafted their games. For not playing such things as 'Last Blade 2' until it was too late. For letting games' history, MY history, pass me by.

    So last night after helping Adonae gain some experience in EQ, I flipped on the PSX and began a new game of XG from scratch. I had vowed to complete it start to finish come Christmas break, but I should have known myself better than that.

    And now here I sit in my office, too little sleep, and nearly an hour late coming in.

    Lunch beckons, I shall have to write more later.

    Current Mood: nostalgic
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