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The Happiest Foot Blisters on Earth

Sunday was quite amusing, although my feet would try to tell you otherwise. They're just mad at having been forced to do more walking in 8 hours than usually done in a month. Spent the day rampaging through Disneyland, both the 'Classic' formula and the California Adventures side. Went with Rando and Kaliboi, the latter of whom is legally blind, which qualifies him for a special pass. A pass which on most rides acts the same as an instant Fastpass for minimal waiting, as go straight to the front of the line, do not pass Go, do not collect $200 on others.

Needless to say this resulted in a much higher rate of visited attractions. In 8 hours, if I'm not omitting anything, we did the following:
Mali-boom (CA)
California Screamin' (CA)
Soaring over California (CA)
Indiana Jones (Classic)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Classic)
Haunted House (Classic)
Thunder Mountain (Classic)
It's a Small World (Classic)
Grizzly Bear Water Ride (CA)
Excedrin Acquirement for Rando (CA)
Grizzly Bear Water Ride (CA)
California Screamin' (CA)
Gift Shop (CA)
Star Tours (Classic)
Space Mountain (Classic)
Matterhorn (Classic)

That's quite a dose of Disneyland for 8 hours. The two water rides followed by the roller coaster deserve special mention, as they came at 7PM, in rather cool weather for SoCal, with a fair amount of wind, a splash of rain, and no appreciable amount of protective clothing.

Unfortunately, that blatant attempt at getting sick didn't pay off, and I'm stuck at work again. Oh well, at least it's a) keeping me fairly busy, and b) does not involve walking so that my soles recover in a timely fashion.
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