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Been thinking about posting again for a while now, but coming up with something relevant/explanatory to start with proved difficult.  So we'll start with something inane instead (thanks to rando for the inspiration),

Quick recap of rules:  Answer the questions, feed answer to Google Image Search, post first (working link) answer.

1. What was your first car?
A. Dodge Diplomat

2. Where did you grow up?
A. San Pedro

3. Where do you live now?
A. San Pedro

(2nd result from same search.  Both are just dazzingly interesting, no?)

4. Your Name?
A. Bradford

5. Your grandmother's name?
A. Murray Sue

6. Your favorite food?
A. Seafood

7. Your favorite drink?
A. water

8. Your favorite song?
A. Everybody Wants to Rule the World

9. Your favorite smell?
A. Grandma's Cooking

10. Your favorite pair of shoes?
A. Reebok Walkers

Unlike rando's, mine ended up being entirely SFW.
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