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Wetting of Feet

[Inaugural entry, without all the 'Who I am' garbage. Those reading this know.]

I stumbled across something yesterday that made me remember Xenogears. Odd how the Internet can do that. Mulling over the Paypal page before starting this journal, I idly follow a few links and wind up staring at an image/artbook for Xenogears on some unknown import company's page, and remember.

Can't say I was all that surprised I wound up at that destination, given the wake-up call delivered on 10/29/01 - The Day SNK Died. Guilt and Shame filled me for failing to properly support a company that so lovingly crafted their games. For not playing such things as 'Last Blade 2' until it was too late. For letting games' history, MY history, pass me by.

So last night after helping Adonae gain some experience in EQ, I flipped on the PSX and began a new game of XG from scratch. I had vowed to complete it start to finish come Christmas break, but I should have known myself better than that.

And now here I sit in my office, too little sleep, and nearly an hour late coming in.

Lunch beckons, I shall have to write more later.
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